1. Authority achieves. It accomplishes without fail.
  2. There is no accomplishment that is not attained by authority.
  3. Authority is power that enforces accomplishment.
  4. Authority is strength organised as skillful capacity to complete the work through the right strategy.
  5. Authority combines strategy, skills, capacity, power and organisation as strength.
  6. Authority is the ultimate determinant of accomplishment.
  7. Spiritual authority silently achieves, perhaps unseen.
  8. Mental authority accomplishes by direction.
  9. Vital authority energises to accomplish.
  10. Physical authority offers security and thus achieves.
  11. Authority moves inside when freedom enters the field of action.
  12. Self-discipline is the inner authority.
  13. Self-discipline itself can disappear when consciousness acquires the necessary poise.
  14. Authority exercised in utter freedom is that of the emerging Godhead.
  15. Authority in the physical accrues by physical liquidation.
  16. Vital authority threatens and intimidates.
  17. Mental authority robs one of all mental defenses.
  18. Spiritual authority is compassionate benevolence that is inclusive of all the above.
  19. Social Development needs Social Authority.
  20. Social Authority comes from the government.
  21. It is institutionalised as what the society is enamoured of as indispensable.
  22. Psychological Authority is above social authority.
  23. Organisational authority, institutional authority, family authority and the authority of the individual are below the social authority.
  24. Power or money or woman can fully represent or wield any of these authorities in varying circumstances.
  25. We detail here only the positive expressions of social authority and Authority.
  26. The world of negative authority is as wide as the positive.
  27. Spiritual authority arises when one conquers both.
  28. Magic, black and white, is negative spiritual authority as in Atharva Veda.
  29. A great military general is one who has both these powers at least with respect to matters military.
  30. Even in a small work as cashing a check, one can observe the role of authority and how decisive it is.
  31. Mothers nursing babies know how readily the baby tries to exercise its authority demanding physical attention.
  32. At some stage, personal authority takes the shape of a social organisation as buying an article which is paid for and a bill issued.
  33. To be able to see the authority behind procedure, customs, usage, manners, behaviour, personality, character, individuality, order, rule, law, constitution will complete one's education of authority.
  34. A greater power issues out of reverse of authority as in loyalty and love.
  35. It is interesting to see that in loyalty, the authority is of the person who is loyal, his willingness to submit.
  36. Joy in loyalty is higher and nobler than the one in domination.
  37. Post-marital Romance is made possible when one seeks that joy in the other in voluntarily submitting in spite of the other's defects.
  38. Capacity to overlook the defects of another and seek joy in submission to the person is a strategy that will convert that submission into a capacity to see the defect of the other as strength of perfection.
  39. As the authority rises from the physical to the spiritual we see a reversal at each stage by the crudeness changing into smooth strength, which is instinctively compelling.
  40. The Authority of the Absolute, which is the highest is the Authority of NOT doing anything while having all the capacity to act successfully.