From Becoming to the Being of the Becoming

    One who wants to initiate himself into consecration usually thinks about it or concentrates.

  • Concentration leads to concentrated thinking and thinking leads to more of thinking which means nowhere.

  • One who is unable to consecrate a thought, cannot consecrate a feeling or an act.

  • When a thought is consecrated, we have read that it disappears leaving a silence. If the silence deepens, it may lead to one hearing the inner voice or seeing an inner vision which will guide.

  • No vision is seen. If seen, it is the figure of an unknown face out of which we make nothing. Silence emerges but no voice is ever heard. There is a general progress more or less, but we do see the thought defying consecration.

  • Can we overcome this defiance of the thought?
    We are not we, but we are thoughts when we think.

  • A report comes to me. I am free to act on the report as the reporter desires me to act or I can decide on it. By acting as the reporter desires me to act, I fail in my duty to myself.

  • The reporter's business is to report, not to tell me what to do. It is for me to decide how to act.

  • Doing as the reporter wants, I give up my right to him and become his instrument. Thus I become false to myself.

  • Thought comes from outside. We accept the thought and think, thus we identify ourselves with the thought and become THE THOUGHT and cease to be ourselves.

  • Thought is a function of the mind which is a part of our being. We have to shift from the thought not even to the mind, but to our being.

  • For that first we have to detach ourselves from the thought. Yogis reject the thought to reach Silence. Sadhaks consecrate the thought to reach supramental Silence.

  • This is the consecration that is defied. When we think we become the Thought, when we reject the thought, ‘we’ reject the thought. The ‘we’ can be the ego or Purusha. As even the Purusha too is not our aim, let us recognise and understand that we are not the Thought. This is spiritual awakening, an awakening that we are the Psychic.

  • To accept no consequence of that Thought, not to appreciate any part of the thought will help us to recognise we are not the thought.

  • By this, we awaken into the mental psychic.

  • Assuming that the mental psychic has emerged, what happens next.

  • The psychic should grow to being Ishwara. While it is doing so, it also grows to be the vital psychic and the psychic of the Body. This is a two-fold movement.

  • Because the Ishwara is present all over the universe, it has to grow in both directions.

  • As the thought is consecrated, consecration of feeling will enable the emergence of the vital psychic.

  • As we are detached from thought to reach silence, we need to detach from understanding, light, and intuition to move upwards.

  • Consecration of the action, habit, the substance where habits reside will move the downward growth to its end.

  • The essential first break comes by refusing to recognise that we are thought or even thinking.

  • Similarly, we have to recognise that we are NOT feelings, sensations, or habits.

  • As mind is our most developed instrument, we begin in the mind.

  • To start at the vital or physical while the mind is not yet free, is not feasible, as we do not possess them as we possess the Mind.

  • As we consecrated the thoughts and feelings to the psychic, the psychic surrenders itself to the Ishwara and grows into it. Thus from thought which is Becoming we move to the psychic which is the Being of the Becoming.