Brahma Jananam

The weak man's obedience out of weakness is submission to the strong man. It is defeat. When increasing strength seeks to give up its strength in pursuit of totality through love, it becomes humility of simplicity. It is surrender

Raja Yoga is the consummation of Jnana Yoga. Jnana Yoga is done by thought that is one of the several faculties of the Mind. The whole mind seeking yoga is Raja Yoga. The yoga of the Gita excels Raja Yoga. It seeks moksha. Its instrument is surrender. The Gita's surrender is to give up the dharmas the mind has accepted.

Tantra yoga has reached the pinnacle of yogas. It is a synthesis of all yogas. In the grades of yogas, Tantra precedes Integral yoga. Manomaya Purusha, Pranamaya Purusha, Annamaya Purusha are the parts of Jivatma appropriate to mind, vital and body. All these are unevolving souls. The Psychic Being is the evolving soul. It is there in all parts of our being. The Psychic emerges only after Mind evolves. He grows in two directions. Upwards he grows to be Ishwara. Downwards he grows to be the physical psychic.

Tantra takes man to be a soul in the body. It is Annamaya Purusha. Asanas are of the body, pranayama is of the vital, japa is of the mind. It opens the Kundalini and reaches moksha via sahasradala. As mind is now available, the mental psychic can emerge. We need not start the yoga in the body. We can start at Mind. As our ideal is not moksha, we can seek the mental psychic. He grows in both the directions. Growing upwards, he opens sahasradala which is the end point of Tantra. Through that, the Supramental Force reaches down to kundalini and transforms the being. This is integral yoga. Its instrument is surrender. The Jiva reaches its greatest strength to attain moksha. It surrenders that strength in favour of Supramental transformation.

As mind, vital, body, and spirit are parts, Sat, Chit, Ananda are also parts. Only Brahman is the whole. It is moveless and immutable. Movement will rob it of its wholeness or destroy it. The moveless Brahman which lost its wholeness in movement regaining it in movement is the richer, higher, truer fullness of the Brahman. The calm in the absence of problem is lost in problem. To regain it while in the problem enriches the calm and makes it fuller.

  • To know the whole of Brahman is Brahma Jnanam.

  • To consecrate it is the consecration to the Brahman.

  • Brahma Jnanam gives Brahma Jananam through consecration to Brahman.

  • The moveless wholeness of Brahman securing its richer fullness in movement through surrender in creation yields the Delight Brahman seeks.

The pride and arrogance of Mind changing into Divine compassion through the Psychic being is transformation. The conditions for it are Truth, Satyam; the instrument is surrender. Mother says it is mean to ask others to do what we cannot. To give others by our own efforts what is beyond their capacity is generosity. Surrender changes meanness into generosity.

God disregarding his strength, following the weak man's attention is strength at its peak changing into God's compassionate love. Yoga calls it surrender.

The moveless Brahman immersed in Ignorance desiring to remind itself of what it has forgotten and emerging out of Ignorance, disregards its strength. It becomes humble. Through humility it tries to restore the knowledge hidden in Ignorance. It seeks the tool of surrender. Thus, the knowledge hidden in Ignorance seeks the Brahman who is lost in Matter. Integral yoga fulfills itself through surrender.