Concept Note for a Person-centered Website for Accomplishment and Personal Growth

  1. Scope of Project

    A website can be created where over a time each individual can create a complete profile of their own life and personality, a private profile that they can examine and work on to continuously develop, a personal diary for setting goals, analyzing problems, defining strategies for accomplishment, self-improvement, improved relationships, romantic fulfillment, personal and spiritual growth.

    The site can be developed to handle a variety of different:

    • Personality types – dimensional variables of the individual
    • Social contexts – context in which the person is living in space, time and role.
    • Aspirations – general motivations guiding the person’s life, identity, life stories, personal narrative
    • Needs – specific problems or opportunities that bring a person to the site
  2. Vision Statement

    Unutilized Capacities: Every person possesses a wide range of energy, ability, knowledge, talent, and capacities that are not fully utilized. Developing personal profiles helps users identify the personal resources they are not fully utilizing.

    Unutilized Opportunities: Every person possesses a wide range of opportunities that he/she is not fully aware of or is not fully utilizing for learning, personal development, career advancement, personal relations, personal growth and fulfillment.

    Self-development: Human beings are capable of unlimited development of knowledge, skills, and capacities; ever higher levels of accomplishment and enjoyment; ever more positive and fulfilling personal and romantic relationships; ever greater vistas of self-discovery, psychological growth and spiritual progress.

    The mission of the website is to enable people to more fully utilize their inherent endowments, unlimited social opportunities and infinite potential for self-development to realize higher levels of accomplishment, growth and personal fulfillment through self-exploration, sharing, and expert services.

  3. Individual User Benefits of the Site

    1. Better Decisions: Make better, more successful decisions
    2. Higher Achievement: Enhance personal capacity of achievement in any field
    3. Enhanced Capacities: Enhance knowledge, skills, talents and capacities
    4. Better Relationships: Improve interpersonal relations in work and personal life
    5. Romantic Fulfillment: Make romantic love real and lasting
    6. Self-discovery: Acquire greater self-knowledge.
    7. Psychological Growth: Develop your personality to become a better, happier person
    8. Create Luck: Acquire knowledge and mastery to make life respond
    9. Spiritual Progress: Explore higher spiritual truths and experiences
    10. Experience the Marvel: Discover the Spiritual truth of life
  4. Functional Capabilities of the Site

    1. For Individual Users
      • Develop in-depth profiles of their personalities and life context as a means for higher accomplishment, self-evaluation, self-improvement and personal fulfillment.
      • Promote constructive feedback to users from friends, peers and co-workers that will aid in their self-improvement.
      • Provide access to expert advise, instruction and support from third parties to meet user needs.
      • Provide access to an expert system of customized knowledge, examples and strategies for decision-making, accomplishment, self-discovery and personal growth.
      • Identify unutilized strengths that users can exploit for higher accomplishments.
      • Identify weaknesses that are a source of problems or obstacles to personal fulfillment
      • Utilize a system to analyze choices and improve decision-making
      • Utilize a knowledge-base of examples and strategies to enhance users’ capacity for accomplishment and problem-solving.
    2. For Business
      • Conduct market research to identify social needs and market opportunities.
      • Identify specific customers for a wide range of products and services.
      • Provide a vehicle for marketing personalized products and services.
    3. For Researchers
      • Document the role of personality in personal accomplishment and fulfillment as a means for educating the public regarding the importance of personality development.
      • Provide a large, rich source of data for modeling human behavior and accomplishment to arrive at formulas for higher achievement in specific fields or activities as well as general life.