Determinants of Development

Theory of creation refuses to formulate itself because there exists no clarity as to the Determinant.

Economics branched into geography styling itself Economics of geography. It is well known that the progress of a people can be explained in terms of natural resources, climate, coastline, historical circumstances, the invasions and famines they suffered, the type of leader they threw out, the nature of religion the people embraced.

We accept the claims of all these segments, but have a hypothesis that Society is Self-existent and is its own determinant. By saying that the society is self-determinant, we ascribe life to it.

Further this self-determining capacity uses all the above circumstances according to its choice.

  • All the developing countries now have access to the technology that made USA and Europe what they are today, but they have not utilized it.
  • Even during the Industrial Revolution, all the countries of Europe had access to the same technology that Britain had, but the revolution began only in Britain.
  • Marx's call was heard by Russia, not by other countries, not even those countries in a similar situation to that of Russia.
  • Britain established an empire as she was an island and was sea-faring. If this argument is final, what about Japan, Indonesia, Philippines? Why of all the Greek states, only Athens allowed Mind to flower?
  • In the post war period, democracy survived in India and not in many other countries. Why?

As Individuals have a personality, nations and ultimately Society too have an individuality. Our view is that this individuality is the ultimate determinant of their progress. Let us examine how far this hypothesis holds good.

  • Singapore rose in prosperity to the level of USA in recent times, not Malaysia or Sri Lanka. Why?
  • America and Australia resemble each other in various ways, but not in their present accomplishments.
  • North America and South America vastly differ, although having a similar circumstance.
  • Canada and USA are not different, but their positions in the world today are vastly different.