Development of New Social Consciousness

The development of consciousness by the society does not stop with its emergence. It continues to develop. Its proper next step is organisation. Before that step is reached, it is possible that a new form of Social Consciousness emerges.

Actually, the development of social consciousness is the development of Life itself to greater heights. Such a change expresses through all existing social structures -- manners, behaviour, belief, functioning, values, human relationships, etc. Imagine the newly freed serf acquiring manners of self-respect giving up submissive docile manners. It takes a few generations for it. Think of the Indian princes deprived of their kingdoms in 1947 behaving like ordinary citizens forgetting they are royalty. Is it possible for them to believe that it was no matter of pride to have been born in the royal family?

The old beliefs do not easily die. They become obstacles for the new development.

At one stage, the pioneer emerged. Pioneers are there in fashions, beliefs, ways of production, styles of speech, modes of thinking, and types of leading the masses. It is one thing pioneers emerge; it is another thing society is willing to follow them and encourage the emergence of other pioneers.

Development of social consciousness differs from the development of New Social Consciousness. Each expresses itself in a million different ways of attitudes, faith, belief, aim, goal, and objectives. For example, such a course can express itself at different stages of hopelessness, struggle to survive, and determination to move up in the society. They all express through appropriate psychological expressions.

  • A man who has lost hope refuses to take any initiative.
  • One who struggles for existence takes all possible initiatives at his own level.
  • He who aspires to move up in the society takes initiatives that are risks all along.
  • Such changes express often in change in dress style, eating habits, addressing others, self- awareness, etc.
  • The whole of Asia is fast taking to western dress. Europe is not resistant to gradually accept the casual dress of the Americans on some occasions.