The Energy Behind the Genius

Sept. 29, 2002


  • A genius is born, not made.
  • The collective subconscious wisdom emerges in the individual as genius.
  • Theoretically, one who can collect the wisdom in the collective subconscious in his own conscious mind will become a genius.
  • The Internet is the first direct technological attempt to make that possible.
  • What Internet does externally to the mind, the teacher, the school or the family can do to the child internally, if they fully appreciate the evolutionary role of Internet in the lives of men.
  • Stating the cardinal aspects of this process is easy, not doing it.
    • Preserve the freshness of the child's mind.
    • Attempt NOT to teach anything.
    • Be aware you are dead inside and are decaying outside.
    • Put at the disposal of the child opportunities for education.
    • When the child throws up its negative, evil side, know it is your own inner status expressed by the child.
    • Have the self-discipline NOT to scold or punish the child. Regret for your inner status is a bar.
    • Recognize what you really are and decide to shed it without value-judgement.
    • Coordinate the aspects of child's external growth in terms of protection and preservation of his own opening.
  • A teacher must take in the Force of The Life Divine, teach as now, open to the influence of the Force inwardly, gradually build up a system, a syllabus, a curriculum, a rapport with the child till the child flowers on her own. That teacher will be great indeed.