Family and Mother’s Truth

Nov. 22, 2000

Expansive self-giving enters into thoughtless vanity and destroys itself. The family is ruined but there is a silver lining. Efficient selfishness clinging to substance wrestles with the hard realities of ever-increasing debt burden with its own small resources. Mother dawns into the context and in one stroke wipes out all the paltry vexations. It is a new dawn of unknown light. The weight remains. It is basic weight. Selfishness organised praying to the source of Selflessness has a limit. It is difficult to see Selflessness will defeat itself by acceding to the requests of selfishness endlessly. Life provides new avenues requiring adventures. Selfishness that is unable to be selfless, decides to be adventurous.

An adventure is an opening to Mother. Mother acts profoundly and basic unsolved problems are now solved. There is a vast great relief, but not in its fullness which means the solution and relief are in the plane we are now in. It is a plane of selfishness, vital, coarse, thick, and low. In short, mind is not there.

After all the problems are fully solved, the person who was the source of all these problems so far now retains the capacity to be a problem. His own social position of being a man, a husband, one who has dominated all our life and one who in the society is dominating, remains psychologically strong. From that strength issues offence. Its usual weapon is bluff, falsehood, vanity, dissipation, and intractable behaviour.

Symbolically he remains outside the family and physically he lives outside the family. Hints of troubles reach us. In them we see the seed, the seed that can grow into the old tree of poison, carrying all the potentials of its original destruction. We defend ourselves each time an issue develops, by tricks, stratagems, ploys, all of which employ falsehood and bluff whenever necessary. The problem continues to become less, but never disappears. What is frightening is, it has all the potentials of becoming the original problem. What is the solution in Mother? Is there one?

  • There is a solution. It is a solution of Truth.
  • By giving up falsehood ENTIRELY, we are centered in Truth. Truth gives us a strength. It is Mother’s strength. He cannot win with his bluff against the Truth.
  • It can be called Truth or Sincerity or higher consciousness.
  • A simple decision to change is on the surface. That is not enough.
  • A decision to accept Truth in the sore point of our life will be a true decision.
  • Before Truth is harmony. Working for harmony will help very much.
  • We may be 100% true, but accept this with falsehood. That will make us false.
  • It is not enough to be true, but it is necessary not to sympathise with falsehood.
  • A true, sincere, devoted life in Mother is active, dynamic, fresh, enthusiastic, EQUAL, calm, pleasing. All these are there on the surface. But that is not enough. It must be in the depths.
  • Decide deeply that a life of Truth in Mother alone is valuable, adore it and aspire for it. Do not allow even a trifle of compromise.
  • Each time any other problem arises, examine it from this point of view.
There is no known method in life for the weak to win over the strong. The weak moving to Mother emphasizes his Truth, his Truth becomes stronger than the strong. It wins surely.