Formula for Universal Luck

Feb. 04, 2003


  • Sri Aurobindo offered Man the Hour of God that can transform him into a Supramental being.
  • Its human version today is the MAN who moves away from the surface, awakes in the Subliminal Silence in the Psychic to the abundant realities of knowledge of Prosperity which in one stroke wipes off all his problems and ushers into his life all the opportunities, i.e. transforms problems into its appropriate OPPORTUNITY.
  • This does NOT lie on the human side of life, but lies on the divine side of Life.
  • Its character is of the divine consciousness though at the bottom of the scale.
  • At the top of the scale, it is yoga royal surrendering oneself for transformation into the Supramental Being.
  • For the least of men, it can be described as LUCK.
  • For the average man, life is full of problems.
  • His energies are fully needed to meet his problems.
  • His problems lie on the outside.
  • Man, instead of grappling with the problems outside, should transform himself inside, by transferring himself into the inner.
  • That Inner should cross the inner mind to the Psychic in the subliminal.
  • Awareness of the divine consciousness on the surface in the inner subliminal is Inner Self-Awareness.
  • His part is to be unselfish, have unthinking concentration on the present, having seen the divine consciousness on the surface.
  • It is achieved by shifting to Spirituality from religious worship, acquiring selfless goodwill, losing oneself in deep inner Silence.