India is a Land of Opportunities

Nov. 02, 2003

The human mind sees only the dark side of the picture. Indian population is seen as a problem. India is described as the AIDS capital of the world. In any positive rating India comes at the tail end. It is quite depressing to know all this. But this is not the only truth.

  • To me India is a land of Opportunities.
  • No nation has the vast opportunities India has today. Only that they are in potential.

In the sixties there was a man in Cuddalore known as the Water diviner. He lived on one meal, as he rarely got a client to utilize his services and pay for it. He led an austere life by temperament. Life changed for him. Clients came in quick succession. He became scarce. He was appointed state water diviner. Calls came non-stop from all over the state. He was flooded with orders. He said he did in one year as much work as he had done in the previous thirty years. There was an American businessman doing business for $ 1 million a year. It was about the same time. He came to India to see his son. He stumbled upon a business of $ 70 Millions as if by luck. Later, it rose ten times in value. These opportunities were always there for the water diviner as well as for the American businessman. They were unaware of it. It was beyond their expectation or imagination. For some reason, both of them came into contact with the Spirit. The Spirit disclosed the unseen opportunities.

Tamilnadu has over 250 engineering colleges. How was it possible for so many to sprout, especially when we know at the dawn of Freedom there was only one engineering college. Where did the funds come from? To found these institutions needs a capacity for organisation. Some ten or twenty years ago no one saw these potentials. Now they are there. They are opportunities in the field of education.

The truth is opportunities are there in all fields, social, educational, commercial, financial, professional, medical, urban, rural, software and in every conceivable field. A certain awareness – a social awareness – is needed to see them and avail of them. As these are known facts, they need not be enumerated here in detail or to exhaustion. The only point I wish to make is OPPORTUNITIES are there all around us. Some people exploit them. Sometimes many people avail of them. In that sector we see the country move ahead quickly and marvelously. We hear of people in Tirupur supplying knitwear all over India and Sivakasi getting printing orders from all parts of the country. Social, mental awakening has done this much. Spiritual awakening will expand the same opportunities many times more upgrading the quality simultaneously. Spiritual awakening will raise the position of India among the comity of nations.