Inner Self-Awareness

Our surface skills become perfect when they become subconscious skills. To be conscious in yoga is for that subconscious to become conscious.

  • Yoga requires the heartbeat, digestion, etc. that are now subconscious to become conscious.
  • It is in the subliminal the subconscious becomes conscious.
  • The first realisation is to realise that the surface is moved by the subliminal.
  • It is to acquire Subliminal-Consciousness.
  • Silence in the subliminal thinks or knows without thinking.
  • It is so because Memory that needs thinking acts in the subliminal differently.
  • On the surface Memory presents facts which necessitates the mind to resort to thinking to reach understanding.
  • There is no Memory in the subliminal as we know Memory in the surface. Therefore, understanding there needs no thinking.
  • The Subliminal thinks in Subliminal Silence.
  • The Subliminal Silence makes for Inner Self-Awareness.
  • As elsewhere, this too has two sides, one leaning towards ego, ourselves, the old surface; the other leaning towards the Subliminal, away from ourselves or ego.
  • Inner Self-Awareness for anything such as delight, understanding, memory, etc. is Brahman aware of Itself as that -- e.g. delight, understanding, memory, etc.
  • Inner Self-Awareness reaches the Simultaneous co-existence of Time-eternity as well as Timeless-eternity after travelling through all the intermediate planes.
  • The formula of Prosperity for the vital man is Inner Self-Awareness of Prosperity -- that it is real -- at the mental level.
  • The formula for yoga for man is the Inner Self-Awareness of yoga at the mental level.
  • Inner Self-Awareness of a thing achieves it at once.