The Mother

March 3, 1993

Entering into Her room, even now when SHE is not there physically, a wave of sweetness enters the nerves and the being, while the gust of wind that brushes over the body makes the body thrill with sweetness. Members of the Ashram used to address HER as Sweet Mother personally as well as in letters.

Spiritual Silence is so great and valuable that the sages said Silence is God. The same is said of Peace, Shanti. Joy emanates when Silence and Peace merge. J.R.D. Tata on a visit to Auroville said, "Here is Joy." Nehru while in Pondicherry said, "Pondicherry is full of Peace." Neither of them know the origin of the Joy or Peace they were referring to. Devotees traveling towards Pondicherry can unmistakably feel at the 7th mile from the town the touch of Peace. HE said His atmosphere extends up to 7 1/2 miles.

When joy of the heart moves to the inner soul -- the psychic being -- fortified by its touch, it turns into sweetness. Mother has embodied that sweetness and generously gave it to all those who came to Her knowing that SHE is the Mother of Souls.

During our life, Mother's Touch ensures that sweetness which dissolves all our problems and after life one's soul makes for Mother and lodges in Her heart. Mother says, "There is almost a crowd there of departed devotees and sadhaks."

During Her first visit to Pondicherry in 1914 SHE witnessed a column of white Light in the centre of the town rising to heaven. She could see this Light at a distance of 3 miles from the town. It is the Light of Sri Aurobindo. The cosmonauts had an occasion to report that they had seen a huge ball of light on the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

The Mother has taken birth to raise humanity to Supermind if it takes to yoga. To the ordinary people who worship Her as the Lalithambika they already know SHE answers all their prayers apart from filling their souls with spiritual peace, their nerves with Her sweetness and their lives with Joy and Prosperity.

Sri Aurobindo said that of the four aspects of The Mother, the most endearing one is the aspect of Mahalakshmi who lifts the human life from want and scarcity and saturates it with prosperity.

Prayers to Mother, whether they are for spiritual gifts or mundane rewards, are answered without fail when they emanate from the depths of an anguished soul.