Organisation of Personality -- Potentials in the Society

  • As water finds its level, force automatically organises itself into power.
  • That organisation is done by the social mould even as the paper running through the machine is printed on by the matter composed.
  • Society is a self-existing force which instantaneously converts energy of any level into the next higher level, here force into Power.
  • God or the Absolute discloses to Man as his seeking deserves or determines, e.g.
    • Mind sees the Absolute as Sat or Chit or Ananda, i.e., Mind in ignorance sees life or meets life as pain or pleasure.
    • Supermind sees the Absolute as a universe of Marvel, as the Absolute has changed itself into Infinite Consciousness and then a universe of joy.
    • A physical person sees the world as objects, a vital one as a world of energies.
  • The Absolute is ever ready to reveal, reveal in terms of the seeker. As the seeking is, so is the revelation.
  • The above philosophical truth, for the purpose of this article, reduces itself into a few truths:
    • Man's seeking is ever-present.
    • His seeking is cast into a type.
    • The universe READILY pours itself into that mould.
    • Thus the personality of man is shaped by the vigorous potentialities of the society.
    • So, Man gets what he seeks for.
    • Society can give him ANYTHING if only he wants.
    • The powers of the society are endless and exist in successive graded layers.
    • Man is eternally endowed with choice.
    • He chooses to progress or conserve what he is.
    • There are times when the social potentials are limited.
    • Even the potentials of the universe could be limited.
    • Now the universe after 1956 has opened endlessly.
    • Society too is pregnant with infinite possibilities.
    • For us in India it is in three dimensions --
      1. The least we can aspire for is Prosperity imitating other nations;
      2. By blending that with our original spiritual IMPULSE, we will be trail
        blazers for the world;
      3. By taking our own ORIGINAL spiritual treasure to its own
        logical conclusion -- Sri Aravindam -- India will become JAGATGURU.

      • The above three phases are equally true in national education.
      • They are poignantly true in personal education.
      • What matters is the individual's comprehension.
      • What matters is the individual's choice.
      • What matters is the continuation of that attitude.

    • This is what The Gita means by its call.
    • This is the principle of the Yoga of Self-Perfection.
    • Do you see the society is organised thus?
    • Do you see these infinite possibilities?
    • If you see them all, want them, a DECISION to shift from our consciousness to the higher consciousness is called for.
    • The work itself is enormous but it is NOT so much physical as Spiritual in the Mind that manifests itself as results in the physical material plane of the field chosen by the individual.