Patience is a source of energy of the highest order, the order of the soul. Physical quiet makes the body function better, nervous calm makes for greater effectivity of the nerves, emotional stability helps one handle disturbed people better and mental peace is the foundation of acquiring greater knowledge.

Patience is a psychic or soul quality and belongs to the plane of soul. It is said that there is no greater virtue than patience. With a little patience one can keep mind, nerves, and body under greater control. For even those who are not endowed with great patience, an understanding of the fundamental value of patience gives a greater help than the urge to believe in the virtue of impatience.

Mother is able to act in the life of an individual better if his faculties are developed, like fine health, steady nerves, stable heart, or developed intelligence. She is far more effective if the person is endowed with any of the faculties she values most for her purposes such as unquestioning obedience of the vital, uninhibited mind without prejudices acting on FAITH, equality of the soul, etc. Patience belongs to this category.

When a great opportunity opens to a man (especially when Mother offers an opportunity to a man), his acceptance of the opportunity also brings in greater energy carried by the opportunity. If he keeps the parts of his being calm, steady, undisturbed, in short, patient, he absorbs that incoming energy and proves to be effective. He makes a steady inner progress of consciousness, outer progress in ability, hence in prosperity. If, for some reason, he is unable to absorb the incoming energies, they spill over.

At such moments the second best thing to do is to KNOW the value of stability based on patience so that what spills over will be the minimum.

To understand ‘the value of impatience’ and let impatience take a hold of oneself or his nerves, is best avoided. It is tantamount to letting the opportunity go around oneself.