Planes of Existence and Strategies

June 10, 01


  • Rule of majority is the strategy of democracy.
  • Democracy is the rule of majority to which the minority consents mentally.
  • The physical appreciating the higher value of mind, voluntarily submits itself, making a progress in the mind of the physical.
  • Liquidation of the opposition is the method of the physical as it recognises the total danger of the opponent physically surviving.
  • Majority rule perceives that the opponent who survives will not harm the majority or cannot.
  • Rule of majority is possible when the minority agrees out of understanding that it should hinder the majority physically.
  • Monarchy became democracy when the entire population made this mental progress from their physical existence –
    1. Majority should not liquidate the minority.
    2. Minority should give up planning physically violent opposition to the majority.
  • At the Supramental level, all is in each, each is in all; all is in God, God is in all for the enjoyment of play of being with being, consciousness with consciousness, Ananda with Ananda.
  • At the physical level, one liquidates the other; at the mental level one tolerates the other. By working out this progress of strategies in all the other planes, we see the grades of involution and evolution which will reveal the exact next step we need to take.
  • At the level of the higher mind, Silent will replaces active will of the mind which enables the opponent to voice your idea.
  • Silence that does not see our own point of view enables the rival to see our point of view.
  • Not exercising the intuition we are capable of releases the other’s intuition which appreciates our point of view as much as we do.
  • At the overmental level, the other man sees he is ignorant and ceases to bother knowledge that you are.
  • At the Supramental level, that ignorance of the other becomes his knowledge, which chooses to enjoy playing with our knowledge.
  • The play continues at the higher levels as play of Ananda, Consciousness and Existence.
  • All these changes take place gradually first in the consciousness as knowledge and later in the substance as obedience to authority.
  • Even that knowledge and authority first emanate from our side which the other accepts. Later it is his own knowledge and his own obedience which is discipline that submits to authority.
  • The above is an analysis of the progress consciousness makes in moving up and the different strategies it takes on itself.
  • Tracing the twelve aspects in the eight planes in the descent and ascent completes this line of inquiry.
  • Moving from the rule of the majority to consensus is for the majority to recognise the value of mental thought of the minority. As the minority submits to the physical mastery of the majority, consensus enables the majority to submit itself to the opinion of the minority.
  • Lenin conceived of the withering of the State as the final stage which indicates a progress from mind to Supermind.