Role of Family, School, Society and Individual

  1. Human family protects the young ones, thus illustrating the fact that the species comes into existence for more than procreation.
  2. Society developing the weaker members is an extension of the role of the family.
  3. School offers organised education.
  4. Family and society precede and succeed the school in offering institutionalised cultural education and education that is not yet fully organised.
  5. Society creates the individual and submits to his leading it.
  6. The final aim of the individual is to create a society where every individual is fully evolved.
  7. Family trains by social authority, school by the authority of knowledge, society by its subconscious wisdom.
  8. In his growth the individual moves from physically inherited habits to opinion and attitude and finally by his own motive.
  9. Opinion of the mind, attitude of the vital are superseded by the motive of the being.
  10. Society fulfils itself when it discovers the wisdom, which it developed in the individual.