A Wonderful Beginning, Steady Expansion and Limitless Growth

August 4, 2003


  • 'Initial difficulty is eternal difficulty' is a Tamil proverb.
    In the context of life that is a field of Force, this expresses an eternal Truth that the whole process is symbolised by the character of the Beginning. We can rewrite it in the context of Being, which Mother has done as something like the above: The First, Pleasant, wholesome success is the Final, complete, overwhelming Success.
    "The first whole is final Perfection".
  • Life exists in two layers of Force and Being.
  • Life of force is governed by the law of karma.
  • Life of Being is governed by the law of causality.
  • In the one, failure and success alternates; in the other, there is only success.
  • Can we ensure the Final Outcome by the First Move?
  • If you want a completely perfect success at the end, trace its path to its earliest beginning. All those events will be of the same character.
  • So, the beginning should be a complete, pleasant Success.
  • Is that enough?
  • Acts exist at several levels; so success too exists at several levels.
  • Penetrate the Act to cross the surface, inner minds and reach the subliminal psychic. It is the evolving Being.
  • Do it FULLY, not only in one aspect or one layer of the ACT.
  • Make it a success and maintain it. You will end up with a million dollar income.
  • The first act consists of motive, attitude, opinion, etc. Let all of that be positive and of the greatest possible depth.
  • Begin and you will see Reality Surpasses Expectations.
  • Attitudes can be learnt.
  • The depth of the initial ACT is decided by the weight of Personality.
  • More than expressing the right attitudes, NOT to express the negative attitudes is important.
  • Convince the mind of this truth.
  • Convince the Being of the possibilities and dangers.
  • Exercise the Right Choice all along the way until the end.