Character of Life


The materialistic, mechanistic outlook of modern science has taught us to narrowly conceive of 'life' as a characteristic of individuals and societies. Ancient wisdom perceived Life as a plane or field of existence which is ever present in the atmosphere. This field is ALIVE and responds to human thoughts, feelings and acts. It has a character and operates according to universal laws. The objective of this project is to explore the character and laws of life as they express in history, biography, literature, contemporary events, and personal experience, and to examine the means by which human beings can make life respond for greater accomplishment and fulfillment. 

Concept of Life

  • What is life - Definition and description of life in the universe, its character, and the principles and laws that guide it.
  • Principles of Life - Comprehensive overview of the fundamental elements at play in the unfolding of life as it relates to human intention and action.
  • Introduction to Life - Series of short statements about the nature of life.
  • Hidden Patterns of Life - Subtle patterns of life that go unnoticed, and which defy our normal perceptions of logic, cause and effect, and space and time.
  • Seeing the Marvel of Existence - Examples in literature and life of how the negative and evil serve individual human progress and evolution as much as the positive and good.
  • Form and Energy - How energy is related forms in life, why forms dissolve, and what we can do to uphold the energy of the form, and the role of energy in accomplishment.

Character of Life in Literature

Character of Life in Cinema

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