Effective Micro-organisms


Heralding the Emergence of a true Science of Life

What is EM?

  • Micro-organisms are the earliest form of life that evolved on earth and have played an essential role in the evolution of higher species and the earth's environment.
  • Micro-organisms are found everywhere in the world, including inside every body. Every cubic centimeter of soil contains billions of micro-organisms
  • There is no process of life in Nature in which micro-organisms do not play an essential role.
  • EM is a micro-biological technology consisting of more than 80 beneficial species of micro-organism including the well-known lacto-bacillus found in yogurt and so essential for human digestion and health.
  • EM is used in a wide range of applications including agricultural, water purification, animal and human health care.
  • EM improves increases resistance to diseases, enhances the self-healing power of the body, de-activates heavy metals in soil and water, removes sludge from canals and sewers, improves the taste and shelf-life of plant and animal products, and reduces dependence on fertilizers and pesticides, and other regenerative processes.

EM is based on the Knowledge that

  • Living organisms are not merely mechanical assemblies of physical elements
  • All life depends on a harmonious symbiosis between living things
  • There is no waste in Nature. Waste is a human concept and a human product.
  • The consciousness and intention of the scientist has profound impact on the nature of scientific discoveries and the impact of their application.
  • Phototrophic bacteria produce a strong type of electro-magnetic wave resonance that is very supportive to animal and plant growth.

EM is based on fundamental laws of life

  • Harmonious symbiosis among living things
  • Ecological wholeness – nature’s innate balancing mechanisms to re-establish equilibrium
  • Constructive and Regenerative processes
  • Based on spiritual values of harmony, wholeness, balance.

EM is a living product – not merely material elements

  • EM is the technology Nature has been using for millions of years.
  • Microorganisms are the smallest complete units of life which are responsible for synthesis of new forms and disintegration of old forms
  • First entirely positive scientific invention – it can only do good. Completely safe -- no harmful side effects
  • No wasteful residues – even when you throw it away it does good. Rather it converts waste into something beneficial – total recycling.
  • Micro-organisms are like people. They tend to follow the crowd. EM is based on the principle that a small shift in proportion can shift the balance of a living system from degeneration to regeneration.
  • Very low cost, easy to use and applicable to a very wide range of conditions.

Effectivity of EM

EM has multiple uses – like the microprocessor – in agriculture, human health care, cosmetics, animal husbandry, fisheries, construction, environment and waste management.

  • Increases vitality of soil over time rather than depleting it
  • Purifies water
  • Eliminates waste
  • Converts waste into precious nutrients
  • Brings the benefits of Green Revolution without the costs and side effects


  • Use of EM in banana cultivation controls diseases. It also eliminates malodors in packing and postharvest facilities. The shelf life of harvested fruits is longer. It makes more mineral enriched vegetables.
  • EM converts residue and waste into manure and stops the need for this wate going to landfill. This itself reduces pollution. It further brings down transport pollution as there is less need for heavy rubbish trucks polluting the air and roads. Thus it cleans the air, makes it healthy, and mitigates environmental pollution.
  • Use of EM in barns removes ordour and flies, improving the atmosphere in the barn and reducing the stress on animals. So animals yield more milk/eggs, and are tastier and healthier. It also results in improved dung quality
  • EM•1® can clean up nuclear pollution. The microorganisms in EM•1®, in prehistoric times, have proved themselves by cleaning the Earth, which, at the time, was at a tremendously high temperature, with strong radioactivity, and was polluted by carbon dioxide, methane gas, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide.
  • EM ceramics not only improve the efficiency of combustion engines including automobiles, boats, and farm machines, resulting in better fuel mileage and cleaner emission, but also protect them from aging, such as rusting, resulting a longer life.