Individuality of Values and Light in the Body

September 05, 2003


  • The four parts of Man have the Spirit in them at different levels.
  • Man's growth is from physical to the evolving Spirit, the Psychic.
  • In the composition of Man, infinite variations are available as paths of progress.
  • The variety of their combinations makes for the matrix of wonder in life.
  • Even now, some physical people remain physical and worship their physicality.
  • Orthodoxy all over the world is the vital reinforcement of physical rituals and ceremonies.
  • Having risen to the heights of mind, people begin to worship the physical details of it and go to the length of declaring that there is no other fact in life than the empirical one.
  • It is the physicality of the mind.
  • The flexibility of life permits any growth at any level to reach its acme in Brahman.
  • Thus the Westerner has discovered Brahman in Matter.
  • The rigidity of life permits progress to freeze at the first step.
  • The purohits (priests) have taken the rituals of the Veda as ultimate and are stuck with it for the past several thousand years.
  • Life is flexible as well as rigid. Both are partial qualities.
  • The fullness of Life includes both. Its flexibility is strong; its rigidity includes an opening. Strong flexibility is subtle. Rigidity that is all opening is causal. At the level of Supermind, the rigidity turns into differentiation without actual separation. Compassion wipes out the cause of suffering.
  • The scheme of Nature permits parts to develop individually and then join to complete a whole.
  • If Spirit has developed in Asia and Mind has developed in Europe, each remains a partial achievement. The Spirit has not revealed itself as an integral whole. Mind that has discovered Brahman in Matter is still a stranger to the Spirit in its original integrality.
  • The Indian should discover the Brahman in Matter, as the Westerner, and the American should discover the Spirit which India knew long ago. But that is not on the agenda.
  • Both should move to the Supermind, thus completing their incomplete Quest.
  • The methods are:
    1. The light in the body should rise to the Mind as values organised in life.
    2. The values of life and work should penetrate the fabric of existence to discover there a particle of light. Millions of such particles can come together as the Original Light.
  • The basic requirement is the awareness of such a goal – Brahman – and an aspiration to achieve it in life.
  • In practice it can be discovered as goals of life in the national lives of the Indians as well as Americans as
    1. Prosperity through values.
    2. Inner Peace through enlightenment.
  • India is in the process of seeking prosperity by destroying all existing values. She can fully destroy them and then discover new values in a few generations. At any moment of her choice, she can stop the rot, reverse it.
  • Advance of technologies renders man silly and childish in which he delights. He can pursue the technologies to their logical end and then discover what an illusion it is, when its discoveries knock him on the head. Pollution was the first blow.
  • He too is free to stem the rot, look inside, discover the whole and strike a new path. It is up to him to do so.
  • To initiate such movements in both places, pioneers must place before the public the Real-Idea as the goal and show how to begin from where they are. I am NOT asking for a demonstration which will spread in due time. One who accomplishes it inwardly will become a subtle universal centre of such a vibration.
  • It is done by accomplishment, an inner accomplishment that expresses outside as a material reality standing there silently without seeking publicity or wishing to propagate.
  • Any Indian who prospers through values is a silent monument of such a goal.
  • Any Westerner who creates a family or an institution that is inwardly joyous and outwardly a shinning star, serves this cause.
  • The values of the Westerner are work values. They should be upgraded into life values, mental values, spiritual values and finally values of the evolving soul, the Psychic Being.
  • The Indian should go back to the ORIGINAL spiritual values of work, life and mind and upgrade them into psychic values.
  • They are all methods open to him according to the amount of energy at his command.
  • He is free to go directly to the spiritual values of the evolving soul.
  • Capacity to surrender dispenses with all these intermediary methods and ushers him into the goal.
  • For one whose mind is set on individual methods, it is good he works out fifty paths each way – involution and evolution – before he can have the vision of the whole.
  • The printer in the West whose book is without printing error has a vision of physical perfection from which he never deflects. It is perfection for perfection's sake. It can be perfection for the sake of the customer, which is one step higher, or for the sake of the Divine. To discover the inner divine is the first endeavour and to refer to HIM each part of the printing work will raise his work from printing perfection to divine perfection.
  • The Indian who raises the level of his life, instead of doing it for his own sake, can refer to the inner divine who is established earlier.
  • All these can be given to children in school as educational values from the kindergarten classes.