1. One can vicariously praise himself when he says pleasant things to another.
  2. Man describes himself in describing others.
  3. Unconscious sleep announces the awaiting realisation - Ramana Maharshi.
  4. Even treacherous circumstances do not sully pure friendship, unsullied honour, steadfast loyalty.
  5. The greatest wonder is Mother Earth gave birth to me, a thinking individual.
  6. Enjoyment exhausts.
  7. As is the beginning, so is the end.
  8. Conversation enjoys known company.
  9. Desire to elicit information meets with a determined resistance.
  10. Petulance can spoil initially; it may not successfully spoil the work when the work is of importance.
  11. Petulance in a work meets with silliness to balance it.
  12. Mutual confidence is power.
  13. Smart men do not evoke confidence.
  14. Not settling ancient scores against an individual is to win a total victory over that plane.
  15. Even after the ego is shed, work will retain its old character unless it too is transformed.
  16. Pliancy of temper prevents fixities.
    • Ready approval makes for easy victims.
    • Rewards are for the socially pre-eminent.
    • It is impossible not to share power, being close to its seat.
    • He who relieves you of a curse, reminds you of it.
  17. Service rendered begets hatred.
    • Distance is status.
    • The highest name is available for the lowest of men.
    • A single achievement looms large in the mind.
    • One pleases himself by pleasing others.
    • Perverse strength receives rewards maliciously.
  18. All creative acts are feminine in the sense the trap is set by her.
    • God reaches his devotees like that.
    • Marshall wanted Europe to take initiative, having given the first appeal.
    • Those who usurp power take their initiative.
    • This Theory reveals the Secret of ‘The Secret'.
  19. China is the country that has developed intelligence in the extreme because of absence of spirituality and it is there we find perfection in pottery.