1. Population is a problem for a poor nation.
  2. Population is strength for an educated nation.
  3. Population is a non-issue even as other material resources can become non-issues.
  4. Evolutionarily, population exerts the pressure the society needs to change.
  5. Artificial control of the population is effective, but its psychological effects are not always desirable.
  6. Even when absorbed into nation-building or personal career growth, the excess of energy does not seem to have desirable expression.
  7. The most populous nations, in future becoming the most powerful nations is a possibility.
  8. More than the numbers, the age groups into which population will emerge will be a problem.
  9. As the rural population of 18th century became the urban population of the 20th century, the 21st century may be a century of senile population.
  10. Population can become immaterial even as the size of territory became immaterial to democracies that do not initiate wars.