Role of the Pioneer

Pioneers, Leaders, Avatars, Generals, Geniuses are the shining stars of the society. A pioneer does to the world what the world cannot do for itself.

As the eye sees for the whole body, the Pioneer acts for the society.

  • We know the eye sees, ear hears, tongue tastes, nose smells and the body senses touch. A greater truth about these senses is that every part of the body is capable of these five senses, even more. In blind or deaf people, this truth comes out more perceptibly.
  • Everyone in the society is a pioneer, but the society lets one act in that fashion.
  • The maturing of the subconscious in the conscious is a procedure society follows in many other occasions. Government staffs collect revenue, enforce law, and distribute subsidies. Anyone in that position can do it. Presently the incumbent does it.
  • The goal of democracy is that each one should rise to have the capacity to rule the country. Democracy gives the right to all, awaits the result.
  • The principle of Freedom is accepted by democracy. It matures in the individual through the measure of liberty he enjoys. The way in which the national institutions function ensures that liberty.
    • Politically freedom means democracy.
    • Economic democracy rises out of the freedom to produce and sell.
    • Psychologically democracy matures by the measure of liberty one enjoys.
  • What the individual possesses today the society gradually accepts.
    • First it spreads to other Individuals who emulate the pioneer.
    • Gradually it spreads to most of individuals and later to all individuals.
    • Spreading to all individuals is NOT spreading to the collective, because the sum of all parts is not the whole.
  • The pioneer passes through the four stages of survival, growth, development and evolution.
    • The Pioneer in this way evolves from stage 1 to stage 4.
    • Alexander was a pioneer as a general.
    • Socrates was a pioneer in thought.
    • Napoleon was a pioneer in liberty, equality and fraternity.
    • Marx was a pioneer in social evolution.
    • A pioneer for global government is yet to come.