The Secret in history

The Secret is a method based on the universal process of creation. The same process applies to the accomplishments of individuals, organizations and countries. It can be used not only to achieve results in future but also to better understand results that have been achieved in the past. For in all cases, the final outcome is determined by inner psychological conditions that cannot be discerned from a study of the external facts alone.

The Battle of Austerlitz in 1805 was one of Napoleon's greatest victories, effectively destroying the Third Coalition against the French Empire and giving France domination over Europe for nearly a decade. Although the armies were equal in size, Napoleon’s superior strategy and planning led to a rout in which 37% of the enemy forces and most of their artillery were captured or destroyed.

Historians who try to explain the outcome of the battle, war or other significant event in retrospect in terms of external facts and events forget that there were hundreds of factor that could have resulted in a different outcome. The inner process is the determinant of how those factors develop and interact and the outcome they produce.

For the first time in history Mahatma Gandhi conceived of non-violence, Satyagraha, as a method to achieve India’s independence from British rule. His faith in his method won freedom for India in 1947 and for 45 other Asian and African nations. In 1942 Gandhiji launched the Quit India movement. In response, the British arrested him and about 10,000 leaders of the Indian National Congress Party. The movement lost momentum and quickly died down. The British rebuffed all efforts to get Gandhi released from prison. But Gandhi’s faith in his method and his determination to accomplish were unshaken. While in jail, he contracted a very serious case of malaria, but refused to take the medicine offered to him. The British became deeply concerned that a violent revolution might break out were he to die in prison, so they promptly released him. What could not be achieved by the pressure of hundreds of millions of people, was achieved by the bite of a mosquito! That is why The Secret counsels us not to be concerned with how the result will be achieved. There are innumerable and unimaginable ways for life to accomplish any goal.