1. Superstition is the wisdom, shield and strength of the ignorant in whom ignorance is integral.
  2. As knowledge increases, superstition does not dissolve. It reorganises itself at a higher level in a newer and more acceptable form. At this stage man is proud of the new superstition as scientific knowledge and comes to look down upon people who are in his earlier frame of mind.
  3. Superstition gives way only when knowledge becomes integral. Even intuition is not spared by the invasion of superstition.
  4. As knowledge organised in one segment needs the protection in other segments, it is inevitable that superstition collects there.
  5. Construction of theories and extension of comprehension beyond one's limits generate superstition.
  6. Mastery in one aspect tending to consider itself as final knowledge creates superstition in all other areas.
  7. When one functions from the mind, superstition is inevitable.
  8. Taking things for granted generates superstition or at least leads you astray.
  9. Not to see that a strange phenomenon can be true, is a basis of superstition.
  10. Lack of observation, facts, right correspondence between events, etc. lead to superstition.