What is a Conscious Act?

A conscious act is one in which there is a change in consciousness from the poise of status to the poise of extension which results in the release of conscious force that has gathered around and is directed at bringing forth a significant form of that which was created in status and now seeks expression in becoming.

There has been and always will be only one conscious act -- the self-conception of the Absolute leading to manifestation. This act has brought forth from that which is beyond manifestation all states and levels of consciousness and the corresponding states of space and spacelessness, time and timelessness and the various levels of ether and material reality, all of which are the extension of the Real Ideas of the Absolute.

The infinite numbers of activities-- acts in time -- that come forth, express and continue to unfold at each and every level of consciousness are the expression of this single act in its extension through the movement of consciousness in space and time, for these are the fields which enable the progressive flowering of these self-creating ideas.

  • The result of this conscious act of the Absolute is the creation of the Real Idea leading to the formation of the consciousness of Sat-Chit-Ananda and its implied power to bring forth these Real Ideas into the becoming.
  • The result of the same conscious act in the Supermind is the creation of the cosmos and all the universes that exist within it.
  • The result of the same conscious act in the universal mind is the creation of an infinite multitude of forms and forces each in its own way trying to express the higher powers of self-conscious awareness.
  • The result of the same conscious act in mind is the creation of an infinite social evolution full of diverse cultures across time.
  • The result of the same conscious act in the vital is the endless drive that energizes and moves the evolution forward.
  • The result of the same conscious act in the physical is the gradual but definite expression of the hidden but infinite potentials in each and every form.

Each progressive plane of consciousness and the beings that inhabit that plane of unfolding are at best temporary demarcations of the One in its conscious act of bringing forth its self-conception through the experience of its Oneness, which expresses within its infinite freedom and power to take on the temporary appearance of every conceivable form while remaining One.

If an ordinary person can raise their level of consciousness outside the bounds of the frontal personality and station themselves in a poise of consciousness that is capable of living and acting from both the Being and the Becoming simultaneously, it is possible to tap into this infinite wave of unfolding potentials and draw on the power of the original act to achieve results that are far beyond what life ordinarily permits.