Money may be considered the single greatest organizational invention of the past five thousand years comparable in its impact to that of language and the Internet. The emergence of money as a preeminent social institution vividly illustrates the central role of organization in the process of social development. MSS is engaged in a major research project examining the theoretical and historical foundations for the social institution of money as an application of development theory. The research includes an examination of the underlying social causes of inflation, the factors leading to the onset of the Great Depression, as well as the Japanese and East Asian financial crises. In 2007, the Society began the first draft of a book presenting its theoretical perspective on the nature and role of money in social development.

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Japanese Banking Crisis
By Garry Jacobs, Published in 'Japan Times'
January 22, 2000

Currency & Price Reform in Russia
By Garry Jacobs, Published in 'Moscow News'
Weekly no. 34, 1992

Inflation: Symptom of Social Growth
By Garry Jacobs, Published in 'The Hindu'
May 31, 1980

Emergence of New Class
By Garry Jacobs, Published in 'The Hindu'
June 3, 1980

Rights of Man Gain Predominance
By Garry Jacobs, Published in 'The Hindu'
June 4, 1980

Limits to Governmental Action
By Garry Jacobs, Published in 'The Hindu'
June 7, 1980

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