The Creative Collective in the Emerging Individual

July 29, 2002

  • It is the Individual pioneer who leads the society.
  • Not all take to that individual for a long time.
  • In any sector, a time comes when the whole population rushes for it.
  • Even after that the left over of a small percentage has great work for the collective and for the creative entrepreneur, it is a richer field than usual.
  • To abridge the time between the appearance of the first individual and the exodus of the population towards that is social development.
  • In any established field of excessive competition, this area offers a richer pasture for the creative enterprising individual.
  • After the pioneer or pioneers appear on the scene, the masses hesitate to avail of the social opportunity – education, insurance or phone, etc.
  • The non-pioneers can benefit by the social support. The society by offering that support enables the individual to grow, which is social growth.
  • Man hesitates to risk. Society can minimise the risk and encourage the man. Efforts of the society to minimise the risk largely eliminate the risk.
  • Credit cards issued to people presently not credit worthy makes them value the card and they grow credit worthy.
  • There are 500 schools in a district here. The first rank boy reaches a professional college and is employed or offered an employment before he leaves the campus. Five hundred first ranking boys, or when you include the second ranking too, a thousand boys in one district are mostly from rural areas and are unsure of a job when they finish. From 5th or 6th grade their job after the course can be insured. No one will deny that insurance. No one will remain unemployed after the course. The very fact they are insured will attract the employer and encourage the boys not to lose their insurance.
  • What is true of insurance is true of all social institutions. Only that the principle must be translated into a practically viable scheme.
  • No government need enter the field. Trade can do it to their advantage.
  • Any principle can be extended to any field is the principle of this strategy, as we see that happened over the past.
  • The unconscious past is replaced by the conscious present.
  • No great thinking is needed on the part of the planner. It is enough he looks around and sees what has happened in every section.