Social Consciousness

What we know as subconscious is Social Consciousness. Man is capable of acting totally unconsciously sometimes to his detriment, like the monkey which was watching a man sawing a piece of lumber. When the man left the place, the monkey pulled out the wedge separating the sawn parts of the log, only to find his legs caught between in the gap between sides. When democracy was instituted, counties were allotted to the Lords or Dukes. The electorate there docilely voted for the candidate of the Duke. It was an unconscious act. Votes cast on the basis of religion or caste were caste-conscious, not unconscious or fully conscious of the goals of democracy.

It takes a considerably long period for man to move from total unconsciousness to subconscious behaviour.

The sheep that jumps into the pit following the one, which fell into it by mistake, is the best example of an unconscious act. Around us we can see people who at the age of 60 repeat the very same error of fifteen years of age, possibly for the 500th or 1000th time. It evokes a sense of wonder in us. We are unable to believe that a man will do the bidding of a leader for the 100th time knowing that he will be victimized at the end. Except in the areas we accomplish, all the other areas of our personality carry this trait. Only when we see it in ourselves will it reveal the Marvel life is. That is why the subconscious society matures in the conscious Pioneer. It is for this very reason the pioneer is tyrannized. It is the social thought that matures in the pioneer, but the society finds itself on the side of the earlier unconsciousness while the pioneer is conscious.

Social ostracism of the pioneer is the intolerance of the unconscious of the emerging consciousness.

The French Revolution dethroned the king and guillotined his head. The power of the past was so strong that after 30 years the monarchy was restored. The same happened in England earlier. The egoistic consciousness of the royalty, the obeisance of aristocracy to the throne; its extreme development of etiquette in presentations and conduct of the court had reached a level of perfection that could not have been excelled or even equaled. Only when such saturation is reached and stays for a prolonged period society is able to move to the next level. Society organizes itself in its substance, not consciousness, and therefore is strongly entrenched. There is resistance even for ripening.