Swabhava and Prosperity

August 22, 2000

Our Swabhava and Prosperity

Mother’s basic themes now relevant to abundant prosperity are a few:

  • What has not been so far possible can now be made possible, if one gets in touch with his soul.
  • If something is possible in the distant future, it can now be made to occur. This is achieved by changes in behaviour, character or swabhava. The greater the result expected, the deeper should be the change. The deeper the change, the quicker is the result.

To be able to remember Mother and refer the work to Her will qualify one to be in touch with one’s soul. We have seen life responses to changes in our behaviour or character. We know character cannot be changed. Swabhava is more difficult. The Gita advises us not to try to change it. Sri Aurobindo wants us to change the swabhava into divine swabhava, but warns us not to work against it or force it. We must work with the grain.

For an abundant prosperity of hundred times, what change is necessary? Of course, a lazy man trying to make his nature dynamic will surely be rewarded. But the very opposite is also true, i.e. total sincerity may secure the result even without touching the swabhava or even behaviour. As our sincerity is usually ZERO, it is best to try the utmost possibility. Total sincerity is,

  • To be sincere to everyone, to everything, all the time, as if it is second nature. When this sincerity is offered to Mother, abundant prosperity is too small and one can achieve it without any other change.
  • Let us consider the deepest possible change of Swabhava and consider one example of a person who is completely lazy, irresponsible, and selfish to the point of being shameless and offensive. As these are qualities which are in most of us, instead of discussing dozens of qualities, I chose them. What applies here applies elsewhere. The process is mental realisation, vital inspiration, and physically doing the very opposite to our present swabhava.
  • If you want a hundred times greater result, it goes without saying that the change must be a hundred times greater too.
  • The mind must realize the truth that when the swabhava changes, life responds instantaneously. This is the key. The mental realisation of this truth must be deep enough to reach the swabhava, beyond character and behaviour.
  • He who makes that new decision will be a new man. Then the decision must be followed by determination and commitment.
  • Even if the whole swabhava does not change, it is absolutely necessary to change it with respect to our PROJECT 100%.
  • The commitment must inspire the vital energies and will release abundant energies.
  • Convert ALL such energies into results, i.e. avail of all the opportunities that have presented themselves to you.

Either offering total sincerity or changing the swabhava 100% with respect to a project will make the Time come.