Theory of The Secret

Those who are look for greater insight into the theoretical basis for The Secret will find links here to a series of articles exploring specific concepts in detail.


Complete Theory of The Secret

Complete Theory of The Secret  is comprehensive article explaining the method of The Secret, its historical precedents, its relation to luck, additional techniques for those who have been unsucessful in applying it as well as for those seeking to make the method more powerful and effective, and providing answers to questions the book does not raise.

Process of Creation

The Secret is one method for consciously initiating the Process of Creation which is the fundamental creative process in the universe.

Create Consciously

There is only one process of creation, but that process can be expressed Consciously or Subconsciously . Find out the difference and how to make it conscious in your life.

The Universe is Conscious

The universe responds to human consciousness because it is conscious. But the Conscious Universe is foreign to modern scientific thinking.

Discover the relationship between The Secret and Life Response

Overcome Ego

The Secret works because it helps people Overcome Ego and open to expansive universal forces. Learn about the role of ego in the evolution of humanity and how to overcome it for high accomplishment.

Psychological Growth and Spiritual Progress

The Secret works not only for material and social progress. It can also be applied to grow psychologically and progress spiritually. For that you need to have a clear conception of what that progress really entails. See Stages of personal growth

The Secret in History

The Secret is a method based on the universal process of creation. It can be used to better understand great accomplishments in history. See The Secret in history


The essential message of The Secret is powerful presented in Savitri's epic poem of humanity's spiritual ascent and the spiritual transformation of life on earth.