MSS Projects

Alternative Education

MSS is engaged in both theoretical and applied research in the field of education. It has pioneered the development, testing and application of advanced methods for early childhood education at Primrose School in Pondicherry. It has also evolved a number of educational and vocational training strategies and programs for the Government of India. Read more

Social Development in India

The Society has developed a comprehensive theoretical framework and principles of social development applicable to all fields of life and applied it to evolve practical strategies to accelerate human progress in India. Read more

Social Science Research

MSS was established in 1969 at Pondicherry, South India to study and apply the laws of human development derived from Sri Aurobindo’s theory of creation and evolution of consciousness. Read more

Spirituality in Life

MSS conducts theoretical and applied research and publishes books and articles on a wide range of topics related to spirituality, personal growth and accomplishment, yogic practices, character of life, philosophy and psychology. Read more

Agricultural & Rural Development

MSS conducts theoretical and applied research on strategies to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability and to promote rural employment and economic development. Read more

Business & Management

For the past thirty-five years, MSS has been working on a new theory & model of business management. The projects have included studies & consulting assignments involving major corporations in USA, Europe & India as well as numerous international conferences & training programs. Read more


MSS has formulated an original approach to the understanding and evaluation of fiction based on knowledge of human personality, social development and the character of life. It has applied this approach for an in-depth study of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, a study of five of Shakespeare’s major works, as well as a wide range of other novels and motion pictures. Read more

Eternal Romance is a project inspired by Karmayogi and undertaken by MSS. Romance Eternal is a free, confidential personalized service offered to the public for resolving relationship problems related to marriage. Read more