Your child can be a genius

A King Idea, a prayer, a Master Act reaching God makes miracles commonplace. This is an idea in Sri Aurobindo's epic Savitri. Genius that is a rare phenomenon now can become commonplace if the flame of aspiration in the parent can reach his inner soul called the Psychic. That an inconceivable occurrence in 1800 or even in 1900 has now become commonplace needs no illustration.

Advancing civilisation witnesses adventurous individuals plodding along for decades to achieve little or nothing. Later when the endeavour ends in a glorious accomplishment, and the society endorses it with willing adoration based on utter comprehension, the phenomenon replicates as if it moves from one to infinity in one leap. The pathfinder's personal effort thus becomes the impersonal endowment of the entire collective. The lone scholar who won the PhD in 1870 in the whole of USA was looked upon as a demi-god. In the coming hundred years the US society eagerly endorsed the educational effort founding over 800 universities, thus offering the aspiring individual ardent social encouragement. In 1970 that blessed ONE rose to 36,000 PhDs in the entire nation, a result inconceivable in the beginning, especially when one knows the very long distance the entire community was to travel to produce that one PhD scholar.

Glenn Doman, founder of the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in USA, discovered that the child begins to learn at the beginning, his brain stops growing around the age of five and it is the physical movement that stimulate the brain cells. For about fifty years, they have been practising what they believed and produced children at the age of four with the accomplishments of 12-year-old children. Their children are devoid of jealousy and competition. A few of the Institute's students have won the Nobel Prize; others who are capable of it are not actuated by such a desire. Still, Dr. Doman was not widely followed in the USA, but his accomplishments speak for themselves.

Genius is a phenomenon of Intuition. It arises as a result of centuries of collective growth of knowledge at the physical and mental levels. It also appears in individuals because the Spirit is realised in man. The one is an effort from below by the society as a whole, expressing in the chosen representative Individual. the other is the maturing soul above descending at random in Individuals who are the subsequent generations of realised Rishis. The evolutionary gradation is Matter—Life—Mind—the Higher Mind of Muni—the Illumined Mind of the Rishi—The intuitive Mind of the yogi—Overmind of the gods—Supermind where gods originated—Consciousness—Spirit—Sat—Brahman.

Man thinks. The muni is silent. The Rishi sees visions, the yogi has Intuitions. Beyond, the gods live. A genius is born when the Intuition of the yogi expresses itself in the human mind for whatever reasons. Unorganised humanity achieving unconsciously rarely rises to the height of Intuition. Hence the rarity of genius. Now that education is widespread all over the world, especially higher education pervading the Western nations, the frequency of genius appearing on the horizon must rise. That is the progress from below.

The spiritual light in the soil of India is released from the darkness of slavery and is stirring. This is a grace from above. Humanity that unsparingly uses the power of organisation all the time has not come to appreciate its innate theoretical value. Organisation makes the finite infinite. The instantaneous success of the Green Revolution that has come to stay is because of its organisational value.

Dr. Doman freed education from its fetters of teaching. He made education a process of learning. We should organise that system in such a way that its power releases the Spiritual Intuition into the minds of children.

Formal education as we know is dead and lifeless. The process of learning is live. The process of Self-learning rises in a flame to move the Spirit inside. Please note the plane of Intuition is five levels below the Spirit. Also Spiritual Intuition is wide enough to include all life and all creation, whereas mental intuition of the genius is only one component of it. When a child, whose learning is freed from dead formal education, organises his learning process to acquire MENTAL POWER, he is very likely to move the springs of Intuition, if his education keeps him in contact with his inner soul called the Psychic Being. In very ordinary language, to be in touch with the Psychic Being means to be utterly truthful.